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Turning things

Moving time

Never rests

Just moves to another place

Taking my thoughts

Spreads them at large

No concerns

No regards

I am exposed

Wind uncovers me and everything

Licks my dreams

With silly ideas

Rearranging my insides

And lies next to me

As breeze

Singing a lullaby…


The Great Spirit
is all and is
in us All
He tells us secrets of the unknown
but we – most of the times – don’t hear
He enclosed our happiness
in all He created
but we changed it to something we don’t know
and we keep inventing and reinventing
much wanted and not needed
If we went back to Nature
and recognized the sacred
The Great Spirit – God – would smile
His big thunderous smile
and would manifest in all that is happy
and make miracles so visible
that all men (and women) would drop their futilities
and unite with one another
and be gracious again

It’s almost midday

And it’s hard to see

The more light I have

The less I can see

For seeing is hiding in the dim light

Where details rest

I talk with the wind

This way I can be misunderstood

Or revealed – it depends on whom is listening

But it is nice to have my voice confused with air

Like whispers – sonorous

Trading secrets with the day that wants to mature

Into night

And then not see for the lack of light

But sense – the movement, the vibration

Of someone, or something,

That tries to become one

With the light

no one comes by my door

no one calls on my phone

no one checks when I’m sick

It’s just me and my dreams

it’s quite silent here – the inconvenience of having too much privacy

no real relationships – just hellos and goodbyes from the window of my car

when I pass a neighbor

my house is full of empty wishes

and junk that I buy to fulfill this need of company and friends…

I have strange, strange, crazy dreams. Almost every night. And if I take a nap during the day (which lately I’ve been needing desperately), I’m sure to have another crazy dream – if not a continuation of the previous dream. My dreams are thematic too – for instance, lately, I’ve been dreaming with weddings, with longhaired men, with my parents’ backyard and my grandmother’s house, with strange birds that need to be rescued – and the colors are intense in my dreams. But ask me if I know what they mean, and I will have to say “no”… and that drives me even crazier! I went into therapy for a few years because of my dreams. It helped for a period, because I was able to understand and identify my personal archetypes at the time – and was able to apply them to what I was going through. But now, I’m at loss… I don’t know what it means to dream that my grandmother’s house had so many different staircases, and so many rooms, and the cathedral windows, and a room full of antique cribs, and one with old Christmas trees… and that she left me a jewelry box with her old earrings, and a collection of buttons?!?! And sometimes my dreams are a bit prophetic – kind of an announcement of something that is about to happen – not necessarily to me or anyone I know, but an airplane crash, or some other big event. If anyone knows the meaning or knows a good book with sound psychological theory about dreams, please advise me.

For now, I will just write about them sporadically.

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