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I played a lot in Brazil – I played Teacher, Singer, Actress, Writer – and while playing and flirting with all that, I had fun. Then I became an immigrant, an outsider – even though I came here legally – and I had to learn to play a new game called work and worry about money, about status, about fitting, having. I never had to worry about those things before – I never had to fit because I felt I belonged to many tribes: the singer, the actress, the teacher, the writer – I even played secretary once and it was still fun! Now I don’t know who I am anymore: I have doubled my size to fit this other person in me. And I don’t really know what to do with her… she does not allow me to really play! Work and money should be fun… I am a citizen now and I thought things were going to change a bit, but I still feel the outsider… when will I be able to play with them?…


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