Paula Date was born in Brazil in the 60’s, during the military government and went through middle and high school while the democratization process was spreading wings – she voted for Governor and State Representative for the first time in 1982, with millions of other Brazilians who were denied the right to vote for State Government and President for almost 20 years. She voted for President for the first time in 1989. This is not a political blog – it is more about her experience as an immigrant in the US, her experience as a Brazilian mother and wife to American children and spouse, as an employee, as PTO, as driver, and many other peculiar facts about her life in the US.

Pacatatu is actually the combination of two words in Tupy (dialect spoken by the indigenous people that lived in Brazil when the Portuguese arrived) – Paca (a mammal – rodent of South America) and Tatu (armadillo). There is an expression in Portuguese that says: Paca, tatu, cotia não. I do not know the origin (should investigate) or what it means, but I love the sound of the two first words together!