It’s hot

And I can’t think straight

I can’t think at all – I think

I don’t want to be hot tempered

In this afternoon of drought

I know I have to worry

When I see crickets dead at my front door

As if they were going to ring the door bell and ask for water

Or sneak in

It’s hot – period

It shouldn’t be such a hot period

And that makes me worry

Like when I saw the disoriented snake

Who did not know if they were coming or going

And the birds looking for rain

I heard there is a High Pressure Dome

Like something I could touch and break

I could free the air

And let the rain in

To get everything wet

And make smoke on the ground – vapour from the heat

That is driving everyone insane

Turning life incendiary

It is hot

And I can’t think right – or left

The angels don’t want to burn their wings

That’s why we can’t lift this veil of heat…