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Trying to get a job is exhausting when the economy is good, but it is really, really a joke when the economy is bad…

It’s been 11 years since I’ve had to apply for jobs – and it was totally different then – you did not rely on the Internet. You called the companies, faxed your résumé, saw someone face to face. Now I feel I am fishing – not knowing what lies in the murky waters of the corporate world – or the job market… which fish will “bite” my bait? Big, small, real? The amount of fake, scam offers I got since I started applying is unbelievable! And the real ones will bite based on a virtual impression of me. I don’t lie on my résumé or job applications, but it is funny to see that some interviewers considered me overqualified, while others not worthy – others said I was too analytical. None of them understood that I have to get a job! It’s not a choice, not a luxury – it’s a necessity! None of them even considered contracting me to see how I worked, to see that I can deliver results… and with all the applications I submitted (I think over 100), I was only able to attract 8 interviews so far… and some of them were surprised I’m still in the job market, as if I’m plagued or, worse, lying about my experience!

To make matters worse, now companies check your credit – how am I supposed to have an outstanding credit when I haven’t been paid in 6 months or more? And the worse the credit, the dimmer the chances to land a job!!!!

Now, I heard something the other day that really shocked me: companies are going to start checking current and prospective employees on their social network behaving – I’m sorry, but my profile in Facebook or whatever other social network I join is private – for friends only! As long as I don’t talk about work and confidential work stuff, I think it is my right not to want my employer or prospective employer to put their nose in my social life. I, personally, only use FB to connect with friends that I haven’t seen for a while or my peeps in Brazil. And wouldn’t that invasion of our privacy actually pose as a liability to an employer? Suppose you express your spiritual beliefs, or your sexual preferences and they use that against you: can they not be sued for discrimination?

At any rate, I’d like to be selected for my skills and talents – for my experience and work ethics and values  – not because I was forced to go delinquent on a bill because of harsh economic times and no jobs!!!! I’d like to have the opportunity to be interviewed and tested, if needed, and contracted, if that gives a company a sense of security – a chance!

On a sadder note, I’ve been seeing more and more people on street corners, near a traffic light, holding signs asking for a job – usually older, in their fifties – in the heat… or with an unemployed sign trying to sell something to make ends meet… I thought I would never see these types of things here, I thought that there would always be a job – no matter what job…


I think I beat one! The record of never being read by anyone!

Quite an accomplishment – but not really – in the era of ego and in the land of me, me, me – who would care to try to read anyone else? I think I scan what others write!

So, congratulations, you are now another statistic!

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