I have strange, strange, crazy dreams. Almost every night. And if I take a nap during the day (which lately I’ve been needing desperately), I’m sure to have another crazy dream – if not a continuation of the previous dream. My dreams are thematic too – for instance, lately, I’ve been dreaming with weddings, with longhaired men, with my parents’ backyard and my grandmother’s house, with strange birds that need to be rescued – and the colors are intense in my dreams. But ask me if I know what they mean, and I will have to say “no”… and that drives me even crazier! I went into therapy for a few years because of my dreams. It helped for a period, because I was able to understand and identify my personal archetypes at the time – and was able to apply them to what I was going through. But now, I’m at loss… I don’t know what it means to dream that my grandmother’s house had so many different staircases, and so many rooms, and the cathedral windows, and a room full of antique cribs, and one with old Christmas trees… and that she left me a jewelry box with her old earrings, and a collection of buttons?!?! And sometimes my dreams are a bit prophetic – kind of an announcement of something that is about to happen – not necessarily to me or anyone I know, but an airplane crash, or some other big event. If anyone knows the meaning or knows a good book with sound psychological theory about dreams, please advise me.

For now, I will just write about them sporadically.